lesson learnt

‘Lesson learnt’ forms part of a series of work exploring instances of realization or disillusionment which leads to learning due to ‘cause and effect’. This specific work however has an important history which is worth mentioning. The boy’s head is the only remaining part of a public sculpture entitled the ‘The Freedom to dream’, intended to celebrate access for all to public spaces, in this specific instance the beach, after Apartheid. The artwork, a boy with a boat sitting on a bench, was severely vandalized after installation and removed. The artist then as a reaction to the vandalism used the original somewhat fragile Crystacal prototype as part of an installation entitled ‘Heritage’ to investigate this territorial claim and thus question ownership of land . The work however was tumbled and shattered by a freak gush of wind on the first day of being exhibited, leaving only the head intact. Realizing the interesting connotation of both the forced violent act and that of an inescapable force of nature the artist used these two ‘chance’ elements as conceptual reference in this final reworked version. The head, the only remaining part of the original fragile prototype, is now encapsulated in an impenetrable cement suit, much like we protectively build ourselves in behind cement walls in fear of violent intrusion by man and nature. Although these protective layers are an instant solution it becomes a personal burden not only weighing us down mentally but also alienating us from our immediate environment and the people around us. Although safe, the cement suit becomes a personal burden our children have to carry. The suit reminiscent of a space exploration suit however also celebrates those vulnerable individuals who are brave enough to break down the borders and explore ‘alien’ environments in search of personal growth.