the kiss

The work is a reference to Rodin and Brancusi’s sculptures with the same title. In this piece two figures, one a nude and reference to the Greek marble Apollo and the other a plastic soldier action figure, are captured facing each other in a moment before an embrace/attack. The word “kiss” can either refer to love or death. The one is the embodiment of a more feminine male Adam and the other that of a superficial plastic society pumped full of steroids. Nature verses the ‘new’ culture, the serpent still slowly creeping up the tree trunk against which Adams leg is supported. The soldier’s leg rests against a phallic missile. The action figure brings in an important element which I have used in previous works, that of toys. The action figure is a toy for kids and serves as role model for many a kid. It also reminds one of how soldiers are paid to serve as heroes in ongoing wars, to protect themselves and their loved ones against the other/enemy.